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Ideal Fire Solutions company since 2005 started by Mr Saurabh Dixit & Mr Mahesh Tiwari  having experience of more than 15 years in Fire Fighting Industry is in the business of the complete design, fabrication, installation, inspection, maintenance and service of Fire Hydrant /Fire Sprinklers/Fire Alarm Systems.

We are licensed to work in Maharashtra as per Maharashtra Life And Fire Safety Act 2007 where licensing is required for execution of any kind of Fire Fighting Job. We have also successfully executed the projects in other states where contractor licensing is not the law, are also locations for vast numbers of Ideal Fire Solution’s projects.

Ideal Fire Solution’s projects are varied and diverse. Residential systems are being installed by us in various well known townships and apartments. Commercial installations range from high-rise apartment buildings and offices to hospitals, warehouses, retail operations and sports and entertainment facilities.  The company has consistently been selected for providing fire fighting system installations Completing such projects successfully while respecting the required skill & quality by the client and thus protecting contents of extreme value as well as our reputation which is a tribute to the quality of Ideal Fire Solution’s personnel, and is a great source of pride to the company.

The Ideal Fire Solutions have successfully executed more than 150 projects. Our operation is housed in a 500 square foot office. The office area consists of sales and estimating departments, the office of the human resource officer and the office of the Partners of Ideal Fire Solutions. These offices serve the Residential, Commercial, Small Contracts and Inspection and Maintenance Divisions of the company.

Services & Experience

The company service departments are poised to respond to the needs of our customers on a 24-hour basis. Our service team is staffed with expertly trained personnel .Our service men are trained through f continuous training and beyond the initial training regular training programs, are conducted on a regular basis in order that our field installation personnel are kept up to date on all new technology and products developed for use by our industry.

The members of the management and executive staff of our firm are consistently in touch with new methods and technology that serves to benefit our industry and our customers. These individuals, together with various support staff personnel, are also regularly engaged in additional education designed to improve skills in all areas of the company and project management..

Ideal Fire Solutions is truly a family organization. All employees of the firm are considered very important members of the Ideal Fire Solution’s Fire Protection family. We work together for the benefit of our own families as well as the occupants of the properties that we are privileged to protect. We all know that firefighting /fire alarm systems are the most effective means of protecting lives and property and we take a great deal of pride in the fact that what we do every day is a positive contribution to the society in which we live.

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